And yet their candidate, Danny O’Connor, still has Republicans

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House Democrats (their morale at least): Almost any way you slice the numbers, Ohio’s 12th Congressional District in the northern Columbus suburbs wasn’t supposed to be competitive for Democrats. And yet their candidate, Danny O’Connor, still has Republicans biting their nails in this special election. With thousands of provisional ballots left to be counted, Balderson is ahead, but O’Connor has not conceded..

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Replica Hermes Birkin This is why it’s important to vote not only for Presidents, but hermes evelyne replica also down the ballot for governors and state legislators who have a great deal of influence over your quality of life. 160 Republicans voted against it! Women make up 51% of the country, but only hermes sandals replica 19% of Congress. We need more representation!. Replica Hermes Birkin

There is no controversy in the US about the existence of Japanese internment camps, there is no denial that the US dropped atomic bombs, there is no controversy in Germany about the existence of the Holocaust. Japan finds itself in this situation time and time again because they keep electing people who pull this kind of denial crap. How does that reflect on their electorate? That suggests plenty of them probably deny it as well..

Replica Hermes Instead of more guns to fight terrorism, the West and Yemen’s Arab neighbors should be asking how we can support Yemen in a transition to a robust and fully representative democracy. A true democracy in Yemen won’t be built overnight, but it is the only thing that can begin to ease the economic despair, political sense of helplessness, and resentment of perceived foreign meddling that breeds terrorism and instability. Women must be part of that transition Replica Hermes.


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