But «correlation is not causation»

Designer Replica Bags You are searching for correlations between the random path frequency and the trade hubs. But «correlation is not causation». You are using an arbitrary method to find arbitrarly interesting data. Sunni and Shiite Islam are the two major denominations of the Islamic faithSunnis make up the majority, with only 10% of the Muslim population being ShiiteTensions have arisen in recent years, heightened by events in Iran and IraqThere are fears unrest in places such as Bahrain will spark further tensions(CNN) As unrest continues to unfold across much of North Africa and the Middle East, fears of growing sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shiites Muslims have risen.So far the island Gulf state of Bahrain is the only nation to see popular protests divide along religious lines, but are more countries to follow and what does it mean?What is the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?Sunni and Shiite Islam are the two major denominations of the Islamic faith.The majority of Muslims in the Islamic world are Sunnis, with only 10% of the Muslim population being Shiite. In the Middle East only Iran, Iraq and the Gulf island state of Bahrain have populations with a Shiite majority.Differences between the two groups have developed over the centuries, but the major schism took place in 632AD after the death of the Prophet Mohammed.Shiite Muslims believed Mohammed’s cousin should have been his successor while Sunnis believed there was no rightful successor and one should be elected.Over time further religious and political differences have developed, but according to Jane Kinninmont, Senior Research Fellow at British think tank Chatham House, the religious differences are not that great, «and the vast majority of Sunni and Shiite Muslims co exist peacefully.»Why are there tensions between the two groups?According to Kinninmont, current tensions between the two sects have arisen due to political events in Iran and Iraq for example the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.The Iranian Revolution saw a new and radically different power in the Middle East and the only Shiite one in the region.»In the early days, Iran had a stated desire to export its Islamic revolution, and its Supreme Leader styled himself as the leader of the whole Muslim world, making Sunni Arab leaders nervous. This had some negative consequences for Shiite Muslims in the region,» Kinninmont told CNN.Kinninmont explained many Middle Eastern states started to suspect their small Shiite populations of disloyalty, fearing they would support Iran. Designer Replica Bags

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