\n\n\n\n\»We have concerns at some point we\u0027ll be

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cheap canada goose uk Holder said \»the law is an unfortunate one that will be subject to potential abuse\» and that the Justice Department is \»considering a court challenge.\» \n\nMeanwhile, at canada goose uk telephone number today\u0027s hearing, Napolitano said the law \»signals a frustration with the failure of the Congress\» to move on immigration reform.\n\n\n\nShe also said the Homeland Security Department is concerned the legislation would \»distract from and siphon resources\» the government has committed to focusing on illegal immigrants who are violent or commit crimes. \n\n\n\n\»We have concerns at some point we\u0027ll be responsible to enforce or use our immigration resources against anyone who would be picked up in Arizona,\» she said. \n\n\n\nNapolitano said that \»the numbers at the border have never been better\» when it comes to keeping the border secure, adding that efforts to maintain security should be sustained.\n\n\n\n\»At the same time, comprehensive immigration canada goose outlet in vancouver reform should be in our sights,\» she said cheap canada goose uk.


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